Tool Roll: Version 2

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Worked on the Tool Roll design a bit the past couple of weeks. Size-wise it is about the same. Changed the way it attaches to the saddle, strap that holds it closed, better elastic bands for tube, reinforced a few areas. Also, thinned it down a bit by doing away with the inside flap as it seemed less necessary than originally thought. Prototyped this version out of the same fabric as the previously mentioned handlebar bag. Man, those two would look good together on one bike! Check out some photos below. Drilled holes into the hand stamped Lemolo name plate and riveted it onto the roll after these photos were taken. Really happy with how it turned out. One step closer to final design and production stage!



Lemolo Handlebar Bag

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I’d like to start off by saying that I don’t do much custom stuff anymore. Very rarely in fact does my busy schedule allow me to take on a fully custom project. I recently made a exception…

Bicycle handlebar bags have gained a lot of popularity it seems in the past couple of years. I tried my hand at making one for my friend Mitch (M.A.P. Bicycles) a few years ago (photos) which paired nicely with a set of small panniers I had also constructed for him. Pretty happy with how it turned out, but wasn’t ready to start producing at that time. I recently completed another. Sort of a last-minute project for my good friend and shopmate Jordan (Hufnagel Cycles). I could not have been more pleased with how the bag turned out. I’d like to, in time, have a very similar production model for sale. It will pair nicely with the improved Tool Roll (if we can ever manage to finish a second round).

As per Jordan’s request there is no leather on this bag. It is constructed mainly of waxed canvas and cotton webbing, with a bit of metal hardware here and there. A hand pounded Lemolo badge and custom hooks made by Jordan express, in my opinion, the simple and subtle hand-made elegance of the bag. This is a one-of-a-kind, enjoy…

I really really hope to have a production model similar to this bag in the future. It will take some time though. As always, feedback is welcomed.


A Brooklyn Bike Lane

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Lemolo/Hufnagel Tool Wrap

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Straps to the back of your saddle with bag loops (or use VO Viva Bag Loops). Canvas main, cotton webbing, brass hardware. Comes with all the tools you hopefully won’t need to use for a long day on the road. See in person (and buy!) at the Hufnagel booth tomorrow at Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show. Show runs Saturday and Sunday. The bike madness begins tomorrow @Sandbox Studio, doors open at 10am both days. Should be a really great show, I plan on passing through sometime in the early afternoon. See ya’ll there.


Late Nights and Early Mornings

October 7, 2010 at 12:35 am | Posted in bicycle, bikes, handbuilt, Lemolo Bags, portland | 4 Comments

That’s how that’s how things get made…

Be sure to check out the Hufnagel and Pereira booths at the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show on Saturday.


One Long Ride

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Josh rode over 3,000 miles to get a Lemolo bag. Er…. well okay… it may be a bit of a stretch to say that he came all that way just to get a bag. Josh has clocked over three thousand miles since leaving Texas though. Actually it was exactly 3,195 upon arriving at the shop yesterday.

He began his tour from his home in Texas over 2 months ago camping and staying in the occasional hotel at night. He rented a room here in Portland and has been taking a extended breather for the past couple of weeks. From what I gather, his current plan is to continue his journey down to San Francisco, then catch a train back to Texas from there. Here is Josh out in front of the shop with his newly acquired Lemolo backpack. Enjoy your new bag.

Nice to meet you Josh, enjoy the rest of your trip!


Rapha NYC

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Rapha recently set up a exhibition in NYC highlighting their Continental rides and riders. Lemolo Tool Wraps were encased and on display along with some other small objects and ephemera. Also present were a few Rapha Continental bikes, each built by a different, highly regarded, builder from around the country. Beautiful photographs captured by Dan Sharp adorned the walls, accompanied by portrait sketches from artist/Continental rider Peter Rubijono. See photos below…

Many thanks goes out to Carey S-H for making this happen and for forwarding me these photos. Your the best Carey!


Hagg Lake

July 18, 2010 at 11:31 am | Posted in bicycle, bikes, portland | 3 Comments

My friend Nick and I hauled the mountain bikes out to Hagg Lake for some summer fun. Haven’t had the opportunity to ride out at Hagg before Thursday. A 15 mile loop of fairly easy, fun riding with tons of places to stop and swim (we definitely took advantage of that). There are lots of place to exit (or enter) the main trail as well should you not have time to ride the full loop.

Truth be told, I haven’t even owned a mountain bike for a quite a few years now. I tossed some knobbies on the Ahearne after I got her and have been riding through forest park the past couple seasons. That’s really what got me thinking more and more about mountain bikes… and well, it was only a matter of time. Thanks to Carey S-H for getting me back into the saddle of one. Got a hold of a Kona Unit (rigid, steel, singlespeed-awesomeness!) about a month ago and have been stuck on it ever since. This is also the first bike I’ve ever owned with disc brakes….. oh man.

There will definitely be a lot more mountain bike trips happening this summer. Have a favorite place in Oregon to ride? I’m not really getting into anything super technical just yet, really just trying to enjoy some rolling single track, etc. but am definitely open to growing and extending my skilllzzzzzzz. Let me know!

See you on the trail.


Neighborhood Notes

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Lemolo Bags was recently featured on the Neighborhood Notes Website along with a few other local, bike related craftsmen and women. Lot’s of thanks to Ken and Erin for making Neighborhood Notes happen week-in and week-out. See article here.


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My friend Jordan texted me last night asking if I wanted to go on a ride in the morning. I’ve been trying to motivate myself to get out this entire past week. Sometimes you just need a little push. I had to go. I didn’t have time to put the knobbies on the Ahearne this morning so I rode Leif Erikson/Saltzman with slicks, fenders, lights and all! It was pretty awesome, although a bit jarring at times. Slightly larger tires with slightly less air pressure are definitely in order next time around.

Upon our arrival back into town we swung by Coffee House NW hoping to catch our friend Tim at work. Unfortunately he wasn’t there, so we opted for Half&Half which just so happens to be my favorite coffee shop in downtown PDX. Go there. We sat outside sipping sodas and soaking up the midday sun. Our feets looked especially muddy compared to this man’s khaki’s…

Thanks for a good ride today Jordan, I had a lot of fun! Let’s do it again soon.


P.S. Oh, this is what the Ahearne looked like the last time I rode through Forest Park.

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