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I’ve been riding my bike up through Forest Park quite a bit these past few weeks. We here in Portland are very fortunate to have such a place so close to us. I can literally hop on my bike and ride across town (east to west) and be in the woods in approx. 20 minutes. That’s pretty sweet. I stopped and took some pictures during my last couple trips… mostly just of my muddy bike. The last photo is a self portrait, taken at the base of Saltzman Rd. after exiting the woods. My feet where pretty wet at that point and I left a bit late in the day which made the ride home pretty chilly, but totally worth it.

The last few days have grown every so cold around here and as that bitter cold becomes the standard I fear my fun rides through the park are coming to an end. Well, for this year at least. I will be putting the fenders and road tires back on the Ahearne to facilitate my commute. Being wet and muddy is really fun…. but not while you are just trying to get to (or from) work.

Stay warm out there.



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  1. hey eli what kind of cross bike do you have there? i’m looking to get one myself in dc – any recommendations?

    • I am using my Ahearne (more info and pictures here!) as rando/commuter most of the year. I then strip it down (no fenders/rack/lighting system/etc) and toss a set of knobbies on for the fun muddy stuff. It’s nothing short of a dream machine.

      As far as bike recommendations go…. I guess it depends upon how much you want (or don’t want) to spend… we all know the sky is the limit here. I have heard good things about Ridley’s cross machines (link!), although I have never had the pleasure of riding one myself.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I was struggling with the idea of getting the cross bike but wondering what to do when i need a touring/rando for mounting bags. Maybe I’ll just switch the wheels like you’ve done.

      • Totally! I don’t race so switch the bike up from time to time is not a real issue for me, it helps keep things fresh and fun. I just kinda do it when I feel up for it.

        …There’s always one more bike to own… that cycle is hard to break. I really want a ss mountain bike right now. 🙂

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