Hagg Lake

July 18, 2010 at 11:31 am | Posted in bicycle, bikes, portland | 3 Comments

My friend Nick and I hauled the mountain bikes out to Hagg Lake for some summer fun. Haven’t had the opportunity to ride out at Hagg before Thursday. A 15 mile loop of fairly easy, fun riding with tons of places to stop and swim (we definitely took advantage of that). There are lots of place to exit (or enter) the main trail as well should you not have time to ride the full loop.

Truth be told, I haven’t even owned a mountain bike for a quite a few years now. I tossed some knobbies on the Ahearne after I got her and have been riding through forest park the past couple seasons. That’s really what got me thinking more and more about mountain bikes… and well, it was only a matter of time. Thanks to Carey S-H for getting me back into the saddle of one. Got a hold of a Kona Unit (rigid, steel, singlespeed-awesomeness!) about a month ago and have been stuck on it ever since. This is also the first bike I’ve ever owned with disc brakes….. oh man.

There will definitely be a lot more mountain bike trips happening this summer. Have a favorite place in Oregon to ride? I’m not really getting into anything super technical just yet, really just trying to enjoy some rolling single track, etc. but am definitely open to growing and extending my skilllzzzzzzz. Let me know!

See you on the trail.




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  1. Haven’t been too many places here yet. Sincline and Post Canyon out by Hood River are a lot of fun. Sandy River Trails are supposed to be good, as is Scappoose.

    I’m always looking for mountain biking buddies. I can’t do anything on weekends though which really limits things. Let me know if you are interested!

  2. hey, i feel betrayed. i have plenty of ride ideas, sucker.

    • well let’s ride then sucka! 🙂

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