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My friends at Rapha presented me with the opportunity to collaborate with them on a little project. This isn’t the first time I’ve had the pleasure of working with them. I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know this tight-knit group on a personal level and work with them on a professional level.They are really great cyclists and fantastic people.

On to the good stuff…

Lemolo-made Rapha Tool Wraps. I made about thirty of these little babies for their Continental Team this summer. And, judging from the pictures, it looks like they all got some use. A Pretty basic, light, tool wrap that that is carried under the saddle and holds just the essentials for quick fixes and flats.




Follow Rapha’s Continental riders throughout the U.S. via their online road journal. Link




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  1. I saw the wrap in action on the Rapha ride in Arizona. Very nice. Also, one of my favorite photos from all the trips I’ve seen is the one of the saddle and wrap leaning up against the “wooly riding” and horse saddle signs.

    • Thanks Dave, glad you liked ’em.

      I’m in the process of making a small run of 20 more which are bound for Japan!

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