Lemolo Daypack Travels South

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My brother and I were fortunate enough to be able to break away from work for a quick 6 day trip down to Guatemala to visit our amazing sister who has been living, working, and studying there for a year or so now. Of course I took a Lemolo bag along with me. For this trip I employed the use of the Lemolo Daypack. It fit nicely under the seat in front of me while flying and was indispensable as a everyday bag for odds and ends while wandering around towns like Antigua and Flores and hiking through the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal. I even have photos to prove it…

The Lemolo Daypack is a bag ready for adventure, big and small. Whether it be out your back door or across the globe, get yours then go see the world!



Sneak Peek #2

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As promised, here is the sneak peek of the aforementioned bag. As you can see this guy is quite a bit bigger than the last one. You’ll be able to stuff a fair amount of crap… I mean really important stuff… in there when you need to.

This bag features a roll top and flap system and larger outer pocket. I used oiled leather for the top flap, pocket flap, and re-inforced bottom this time. I haven’t done a whole lot of work with leather in the past and I am very happy with how this shaped up. As you can see from the photos above, I have once again employed that marine canvas, beautiful cream colored cotton webbing, and heavy-duty brass hardware. Although I am thinking a more heavy duty waxed canvas might be in order for this bag. Needless to say, I am very happy with how this backpack turned out. Being that it is prototype #1 there will be things that will change before we reach a final product stage. All of those things I will try and figure out as I use the bag over the next few weeks.

I am very excited about the future of this bag and the bag mentioned in the previous post. I hope you are as well!


sneak peek #1

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Hello friends,

I have been working on some new ideas these past few months. I’d like to share a sneak peek with you.

This first bag I finished for a friend around Christmas time. I have waited to post anything about it as I wanted to get some real-world feed back on how it was performing for her. So far so good. It’s a bit on the smaller side, if you compare it to what I have been doing in the past… although it is really unlike almost anything you’ve seen from Lemolo in the past so it’s a bit hard to compare, aside from the size that is.

A very simple, smart looking bag ready for everyday use. A drawstring and flap design keep your things secured inside the main compartment. Marine canvas gives this bag the water resistance you’d expect from a bag designed in our fair city, and a very nice feel as well. I think the brass hardware and cream cotton webbing really set it off.

This is just a preview of what is to come. As of right now, this bag is not available for sale. I will keep you posted on when and how to get a hold of one when the time comes.

Like what you see above? I just finished this bag’s bolder big brother (at least prototype #1 of it). Similar in material and style. If you like like the bag featured in this post I think you’ll love the one I’m going to post about next. Stay close…


Lemolo LARGE – On hold

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Hi all,

Just an FYI – I have decided to put the Lemolo LARGE on hold for the time being. I am planning on re-working a few things on it (time permitting). I want to be able to provide the best product I can and feel that the LARGE Backpack @$325 can and should be better. As usual, I will announce here when it becomes available again.

Thanks for your understanding,


Customer Bags!

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Today I received emails from a couple people who’ve purchased bags from me… and they sent pictures! Getting thank you emails is pretty much the best thing ever. I’d like to thank everyone I’ve received follow-up emails from, it really means a lot to me.

Marissa has been using her Custom (Heather Size) Backpack in SF since March ’08 and is about to take it with her on a 3 week trip to Europe. Thanks for the picture Marissa, have a fantastic trip!

P.S. I like your shoes.

Nick from Alabama, who got his Basket Bag about a week ago, didn’t waste any time getting a few pictures off to me. Here are a couple he took with the bag sitting snugly in the basket on his beautiful Kogswell P/R. Nice ride Nick!

Oooh the possibilities!

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The latest Lemolo to hit the streets of Portland… and it’s mine! That’s right, I made myself a new bag. If you see me around town, feel free to say hi. There is something unique about this bag, something I’ve not tried before. Check out the pictures and read about it below…

This is the very first bag to bare my logo… but that’s not what I’m getting at… the point is how it got there. I had my friend Keegan screen print it on, and I really couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out! Keegan and his girlfriend Katie work out of the same building as I do. They do amazing work, check them out… herehereand here. I am considering offering screen printing as an option on the Lemolo LARGE Backpack. We are still working out the details, but it might be a reality soon. Personally, I am really excited about the prospects of this venture and look forward to working with Keegan on future projects. If you are thinking about a Lemolo LARGE Backpack and are interested in getting it screened let me know and we’ll see what we can work out.

I took some photos while Keegan was working. Here he is doing his thing…

finding the right paint and mixing it to exactly the right color.

getting everything lined up just right.

after a couple trial runs we are ready to go

and……… done!

Sooooo like I mentioned above. If your in the market for a big “messenger style” backpack and you wanna go all-out with it, let me know.

I leave for NYC tomorrow morning (eaaaaaarly) so I’ll be relatively unavailable for about a week. See ya when I get back!


Lemolo LARGE

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Until recently I had no intention to make a larger backpack. Things change. My brother has been talking about converting from messenger bag to backpack… and it’s hard to say no to family. I told him I would give it my best shot.

Well, things came together much quicker and nicer than I could have hoped! After completing his bag I realized in retrospect that there were only a few very minor changes I would have made if I made another one (that’s a good sign). Sometimes it takes a few prototypes to really get what you want. I am very, very pleased with how it turned out and am thinking of making a few more! If you think you need a larger backpack than the Heather Size then check this one out!

luke riding.

This pack measures 10″x14″ at the base and has compression straps on the sides and bottom to hold things together when your not carrying a full load. Two extra large 3-D pockets hide under the main flap. Back padding and side pockets come standard. This backpack will also feature 2 rather large flat inside pockets as well.

bag 1 bag 2

This is serious baggage, by far the most technical of bags that I have made. I wanted to offer a lot of options with this bag (big pockets, compression straps, back padding, etc.) while still keeping it looking simple and un-cluttered.

The starting price for this bag will be $260. Email me if you think you might be intested in a Lemolo LARGE Backpack.


2 more backpacks for sale!

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Hey all,

I have recently completed two more custom-stock backpacks and added them to the For Sale page! Just drop me an email If you’d like to call either of these bags your own and I’ll get it shipped your way ASAP!




Just Finished.

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I just finished this custom-stock bag and added it to the For Sale page. Shoot me an email if your interested…

Price Update.

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A small price change has been made. The Heather Size Backpack is now $185. If you shop around you will find this to be a very fair price for a custom handmade backpack of this quality. I feel the new price more accurately reflects the time, effort and love that I pour into each backpack that I make.
Thanks for all the support!

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