Bike Bags and Bike Rides

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Been working long days to finish up another front rack bag for Tony P. Although this bag may look similar to the previous one I made for him (link), this is a much more highly evolved version. One that required me to push my limits yet again. Lots of features on this bag. Lockable, quicker on/off the bike process, separate rack cover with attached tie-downs, and more! Hopefully there will be some more professional photos taken of the bag on the bike. Hopefully you’ll see it at a bike show or two coming up.

I delivered Tony’s bag on my way out of town for a rather short (2 day), but much needed vacation. Louis and I drove up to Whidbey Island to visit my brother and sister in-law. Good food, friends and family and some rad mountain biking! We took Louis with us and completely wore him out. He ran with us like a champ the whole time though! We were all pretty tired by the end of the day.

We’re getting our last push of summer. Soak it up while you can, cause before you know it you’ll be soaking up the cold hard rain of winter.


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