Classy Summertime Panniers

August 31, 2010 at 3:48 pm | Posted in Lemolo Bags | 5 Comments
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The warm weather and sunshine is here… well, to be honest it’s actually raining right now in Portland. But whatever. For the most part the warm sunny weather is upon us. I finally got around to finishing my summertime project. I made this set of canvas panniers for my brother Lucas, and boy are they classy!

I employed the use of some beautifully colored marine canvas. The texture of the fabric is delightfully soft, yet tough feeling. It is water and mildew resistant, but not water-proof. Unlike my other panniers which have a outside layer of heavy-duty 1000d Cordura and are lined with waterproof 18oz vinyl, these bags are constructed of just one a single layer (except for the flap which is doubled). These panniers are definitely designed to be a summer-time set of bags. They can be used in the rain but wouldn’t recommend they be used in heavy downpour for extended periods as water will inevitably find it’s way inside.

Plastic buckles and nylon webbing just could not play the part with this project. The cotton webbing and metal hardware I used compliment both the look and feel of the canvas and the bag as a whole. Of course, the brass grommets were all hand hammered by myself.

I am very pleased with how this project turned out and look forward to posting pictures of these bags after they get all dirty from long days on the road and nights by the campfire.



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  1. Very nicely done!
    What’s in the works for the upcoming winter? :]

    • thanks, still looking forward to seeing all your new bags!

      well, if i continue to get things done in as timely a manner as in the past…. any special wintertime project will get finished up about mid-spring. i’ll be sure to plan accordingly. 🙂

      • hehe…Just look at it the other way…you just finished your summertime project for NEXT year…you’re months ahead of schedule already! :]

        My new stuff is about 3-4 weeks away before i have something finally ready. Just saw the proof of the new labels…they look great…I’m getting excited!

        I’ll send you the pic in an email, you can give me your opinion on the name/logo.

  2. “Delightfully soft, yet tough feeling” could be applied to Lucas’ persona.

    Those bags are awful pretty, Eli!

    • Riiiiiiight!

      Thanks dude. 🙂

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