Petite vs. Portland

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I’ve already had a bit of interest in the new backpack design… thought some comparative photos might help give you all a better idea of the actual size of the bag. Like I mentioned before, it is a bit smaller and will sit a little higher up on the back than the Portland Backpack. Although I am labeling it the Petite Backpack it is not a super small bag… it just happens to be the smallest backpack I currently make.

Here are some pictures of my personal bag (a Portland Backpack) and the Petite Backpack (the bag on the left in all photos). The top left picture makes the bags look like they stand almost the same hight. That is a bit deciving as my bag is slouching a bit due to the fact that it has been used almost daily the past few months. A new Portland Backpack would stand slightly taller.

As far as fit goes, the Petite Backpack suits a person with a shorter mid section and all-around smaller frame best. It is a shorter backpack so it might feel like it was riding pretty high up on someone with a long torso. You’ll probably notice from the pictures that the shoulder straps are a bit closer together at the neck area as well. This helps the bag ride more snuggly on shoulders considered anything but broad. I made this backpack for my friend Lynnsy, so naturally I thought it best to have her model it.

Like I mentioned above, if this bag becomes a production item it will be the smallest of Lemolo backpacks offered. That being said, it is still a good sized bag that will certainly be able to carry enough stuff for an overnight… or 2 depending on how you pack.


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