Evolution Of A Bicycle

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My Kogswell has seen a lot of change in her time. She has, in my opinion, really evolved into the perfect city bike, or at least close to it! A large front rack for hauling, rear rack for panniers, 1×9 drivetrain for the occasional hill or speedy decent, and a trailer hitch to haul the ol’ dog around. I purchased the frame/fork/fenders in early 2007 and quickly started ammassing parts. Time and money permitting, it was built up. This is what the original build of the bike looked like 3+ years ago…

I had planned on building it into a fixed-gear touring bike, which I did. It was fun, it just wasn’t quite right and that set-up didn’t last long. Once I got the front porteur rack made (thank you Ahearne Cycles!) the bike started really coming into her own. After that, I had my friend Mitch (of M.A.P. Bicycles) build me a custom stem. So sweet. Mitch’s work is absolutely stunning. He never ceases to impress.

If you’ve seen me riding around town in the past few months, most likely I looked like the photo below… or close to it. I’ve had Louis for a little over 6 months now, but it didn’t take that long to realize that pulling a 45lb. dog in a trailer  with a backpack on your back and sometimes some stuff loaded up on the front rack as well was simply to taxing for me and my single speed machine.

I had been thinking about it for some time already, but the time for action was upon us. She had to become a 1×9. I saved up my moneys and made a quick trip to A Better Cycle (see blog post here). A week later I my legs were thanking me. The most recent changes to the Kogswell after the 1×9 conversion were the new handlebars (see blog post here), double kick-stand (thank you Luke!), and home-made leather grips (see previous blog post). So here she sits, in her most current state. I think I am finally nearing completion. She has grown into the bicycle I’ve always wanted…. or at least one of them. 🙂 Nice, but not to nice to leave locked up all over town, tough and useful enough to haul a lot of stuff with. In one respect it’s sort of nice that it took me so long to reach this point. It helped me refine and fine tune each change and over time as I realized exactly what I wanted this bicycle to become. And here she is…



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  1. Wonderful bike you’ve got there! I like your custom made stem. I want to have a bike I can really call my own (I’m using my brother’s) so that like you, I can modify it the way I like it. Maybe soon, when my plan of assembling my own becomes reality.

    Good luck on the evolution of your bike and I hope to see more of it through the coming years!

    • thank you!

      … and good luck with your build when you get to it!

      • It good to see the passion that people have with bikes and the joy and health they can bring.

        Happy riding!

  2. I like your iterations….

    ….Is kogswell dead btw? I was trying to look at their site this weekend and it returned the dreaded GoDaddy “under construction” page. Uh Oh. That’s a shame. I enjoyed their style.

    • thank you michael.

      ooh, I just checked their site after reading your comment…. hopefully they are still up and running and simply forgot to renew their hosting with godaddy….. don’t know though. it’s a very stout, usable and relatively affordable bicycle, i’d hate to see it go.

  3. Its a great bike! Nice evolution.

  4. Bike came out real clean! good Job!

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