December 30, 2009 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

See www.lemolobaggage.com for more info…


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  1. Your new website is terrific. Not to mention inspiring. Congratulations!

    • thanks dudes!

      i’ve been craving some good eats and haven’t made it up your way in a while…….. you’ll be seeing me soon. 🙂

  2. LiLi- this is too rad and makes me happy! I am going to link you on my bloggy blog.


  3. Very nice site, could ddo with some more product on there I think, but the bags for cycles idea is good!

    • Thanks a lot, glad you like it.

      Yeah, Sewing gets done as often as time allows (I have a couple other jobs as well). I hope to have more bags up for sale soon!

  4. so what sweet secret projects are you working on?

    • ha! you wish.

      …should be done soon (how long have i been saying that now?)

  5. Please advise cost of your large front bag similar to the one the was shown on Pereira Gent’s bike. I read about it in the Bicycle Quarterly magazine.


    • That was a custom job made specifically for Tony P. Not part of the current Lemolo line-up. Sorry.

      Any further questions can be directed to me at lemolobags@gmail.com


  6. Hey, I love the idea. How can I find out more… I am in the market for a new bag asap. Thanks

    • You will be able to purchase bags directly from the Lemolo website when it is up and running again

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