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November 5, 2009 at 10:07 pm | Posted in handbuilt, portland | Leave a comment

I was able to attend the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show this past weekend and was very happy to see all that was on display. A lot of beautifully crafted bicycles with some very well thought out integrated racks and lights. I didn’t take many pictures, and the ones I did take turned out less than amazing due to the low lighting and my point-and-shoot abilities. Here are a few worth taking a look at though…

Pictured above is a beautifully made rack which was mounted to an equally beautiful Boxer bicycle (Seattle, Wa). This particular rack is able to perform a few different functions depending upon the rider’s specific needs. When the low-rider sides are unbolted at the top a small (bag support) rack with a very nice integrated light mount is left behind. Just one of the many gorgeous bicycle with matching functionality on display.

Below is a very stout looking rack by TiCycles with an integrated fender support. Simple and functional. I like it.

Porteur and city bicycles adorned with large front racks have been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years. Here are a couple very nice examples on display. Below left – An extremely nice titanium bicycle from Vertigo Cycles, this bike also happened to be a Oregon Manifest winner (in the top 3!). Lightweight titanium, internal gears, disk brakes, front rack, and generator powered lighting system. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious why this bike drew so much attention. Below right – Another stunner from M.A.P. Bicycles. This bike was built for my friend Derek (lucky dude). It features a lot of very nice vintage parts that Derek sourced himself including those beautiful NOS Cinelli Valencia bars (click here for larger driveside view).

Not all the bikes there were all decked out in racks and lights however. Check out this radical track bike from Winter Bicycles below. Looks like fun!

Ahearne had a pretty sweet cargo bike on display in his booth, along with a couple other bikes including mine! Yes, I said mine. I spoke of it briefly in a previous post (here). Check it out…

There were a bunch of amazing bicycles from quite a few really fantastic builders I didn’t get pictures of as well. Sometimes you just have to be there and experience it. I hope you enjoyed the ones I did get photos of. Many thanks to the OBCA and everyone else who came together to put on this wonderful show. My only real gripe was the “bicycle parking area” …my opinion, if your going to advertise bicycle parking, it’d be great to have something solid to lock to… or maybe some people standing guard. It’s possible there were these people stationed out there and I just missed them… not sure. There were tents to park under though, which was really great as it poured off and on all day on the day that I went. All-in-all a really well set up show with a lot of great work displayed, see you next year!


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