Basket Bag: Re-designed

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I am happy to announce that I have finally finished a long overdue re-design of the Lemolo Basket Bag. This was one of the earlier bags I started making and since then a few other companies have followed suit. I have felt for awhile that I should re-think my Basket Bag to once again set myself apart from the rest. I believe that this second generation Basket Bag is a vast improvement over the first and follows a pattern more in line with the direction my new designs have taken.

Like the previous generation, the current Basket Bag is designed for and fits perfectly into the WALD #137 Basket and will feature a removable handle for off-the-bike use. I am now using different hardware to make attaching and removing the shoulder strap easier and quicker than ever. The way the bag attaches to the basket is better integrated and less bulky than before and stays almost hidden to the untrained eye, even when the bag is out of the basket! The new version uses my signature roll-top-and-flap design I first introduced with the Lemolo Pannier over a year ago. This bag still features a floating liner to help ensure your goods are kept clean and out of the elements.

It’s important to be seen out there, now more than ever as we enter the dark fall and winter months. The Gen.2 Lemolo Basket Bag now comes with a highly reflective stripe that runs across the entire front of the bag to help keep you safe on that, at times, dark and treacherous commute home.

There will be a slight price change, but my goal is to keep this bag below the 100 dollar mark and I think I can do that. Hope ya like it! See pictures of the bag and how it works below…

At under $100, the Lemolo Basket Bag would make a great gift for a loved one… or yourself! Keep an eye on the For Sale Page, I hope to get few of these built soon and have them ready to go for the upcoming holiday season.




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  1. I love it. My lemolo backpack is still going strong, but this would be great to have as well. I will definitely be looking at getting one of these as the holidays roll in.

  2. Please, oh please make these, and I will happily buy one.

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  4. Looking good! Great to see you making things even better.
    I hope things are going well for Lemolo.

    • Thanks! I hope the bag world is rolling along nicely for you as well. I saw some pictures of your hip pouch, looks really nice! Is your website down right now? I couldn’t get it to work.

      • Yeah it’s down, but i’m stacked out with work anyway so it’s not high on the priority list right now.
        Gotta make enough money to get through Christmas first. 🙂

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