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February 7, 2009 at 8:42 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Hello All, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking as of late… scary, I know. Thinking about my current state, looking towards the future, and reflecting a bit on the past. Okay, I guess I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking.

2008 was a very hard year for me in a lot of different ways and I don’t want 2009 to be like that. One thing is for sure… to much time was spent hunched over my sewing machine in a windowless, basement room (aka – my “art studio”) while the sun shined on without me. I miss riding my bike for something other than a commute. Sometimes I feel like I spend waaaay more time thinking about and talking about riding than actually riding and I don’t like that feeling. It sucks.

Long rides, short rides, sprints, and spins, I want to do it all! I am getting a cuctom bicycle built for me this year and I plan on spending a lot of time in the saddle this summer. I want to enjoy it, be able to make time for it without all the guilt and weight of pending orders, passing deadlines, broken needles and broken hearts. I want to live a little this summer and I’m planning on scheduling that time in right now before it’s to late.

Currently I work 4 days a week at my other job to make sure all my bills, beers, and bike parts get paid for on time. This is by no means a complaint, it’s just how it is. I’m having a difficult time keeping orders moving in a timely manner while holding down my current work schedule and keeping my sanity.

The long and short of it is this. I have decided to stop taking new orders for the time being. As of right now my plan is not to stop making bags altogether, but to make them when I have time, when they inspire me. I plan on making bags and posting them on the For Sale Page of this site when they are ready to go. It will be first come, first served. Bags will be posted as they become available and will be taken down when they are sold. It’s as simple as that. I will be open to the possibility of doing some full-custom work, depending on the project, it’s complexity, and my ability and time. See the Prices Page of this site for $$ details.

Thank you all for your understanding as I and Lemolo go through yet another developmental stage. I know this decision comes as a disappointment to some, and for that I am sorry. Again, thank you for all the overwhelming and constant support.



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  1. Eli!
    Great for you. It’s good to recharge the batteries. Stretch. Breathe. Take a look around.

    I’m still in-want of a set of frame-bags. Let’s talk at some point in the future about this. Till then, and if I don’t see you soon, have a great year!


  2. Eli,
    Glad to hear you’re gonna spend more time on the road, too bad its at cost of time behind the machine. I feel you on the decision. Last summer I worked parttime and made just enough to scrap by. One of my best summers yet. I rode, drank, and enjoyed life.

    Best of luck.

    p.s. does this mean my bag is gonna be a collectors item? A pre-Renaissance Eli bag?

  3. sooo….maybe you should give me a call and we can get spokes spinnin’

  4. Setting limits is a good idea. Here’s to more time on the bike:(Cheers).

    I was just over at the WALD site, and they had your hip pouches in their online store. I jumped on it and ordered one, but when did you send those bags? What are the chances that they still have them? I’m guessing “A while back,” and “Slim to none,” but would be happy to be contradicted.

    Thanks, David

  5. We know how difficult the balancing act can between the personal and the professional and like you, we realized we had to take time for ourselves or else we began to resent our work. I commend you for recognizing your limits. Here’s to good weather, being back on the saddle, and plenty of zoobomb sandwiches. Know your public will be waiting with open arms upon your return. XO

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