Why Wald?

February 24, 2008 at 10:27 pm | Posted in Basket Bags, bicycle, bikes | Leave a comment
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I’ve been working on some prototype bags for a couple different Wald baskets recently. One of the things I’ve been working on is a basket liner. It will be similar to the Basket Bag, but designed to be more of a “permanent fixture” in the basket. Here are some pictures of the first prototype…


Why all the bags for Wald baskets you might ask? I’ve been designing bags for Wald baskets since the beginning. I like their baskets for a number of reasons. Here’s four, in no particular order…

1. They are highly accessible. You can get Wald baskets at almost every bike shop I know of. There is a reason for that… it’s probably reason #2.

2. They are very reasonably priced. You can usually get set up with a great basket for under $20 bucks. We all know, when it comes to bike parts, twenty bones doesn’t go far.

3. They are universal. Wald baskets are super easy to install and no matter what kind of bike you have, odds are you will be able to find a Wald basket to fit.

4. They keep it local. Wald baskets always have been and still are made right here in the USA. I hope they keep it that way.

I’m not trying to force you to buy one, but if those aren’t good enough reasons I don’t know what is. Even if your not thinking about getting some sort of Basket Bag from me you should still go get a basket, it just might be the most functional aftermarket part you buy for your bike.


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