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February 6, 2008 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Backpacks, bicycle, bikes, handbuilt, Lemolo Bags, nahbs, portland, Portland Bike Shops I Support | 2 Comments
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Lemolo Backpacks can now be found at Veloce Bicycles in Portland, Oregon. Veloce is a great local bike shop located in SE Portland on Hawthorne/32nd Ave. If your in Portland and you want to check out a Lemolo Backpack in person go there!

If you live in Portland or are just in town for the big show this weekend head on over to Veloce for the Independent Fabrication Party. It all starts at 7p.m. on Thursday, February 7th. Sounds like the IF staff will be there with their new 2008 catalog and we’ll get a preview of what they’ll be showing at NAHBS this year. While your there don’t forget to check out Lemolo Bags!


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  1. I just wanted to send in a quick review of my Lemolo Backpack. I’m a law student so I tend to carry around a considerable amount of stuff with me: books, laptop, stacks of papers, files, legal pads, you get the idea. Additionally, my commute is give or take 14 miles round trip. My Lemolo backpack has performed like a dream. I’ve gotten caught in a downpour, (which honestly is rare in Portland, it’s usually more of an all day drizzle) and my computer and everything else were warm and snug inside.

    The different straps and adjustments are great and easy to use on the fly. I’ve got a blinky on the back, as well as a light attached in one of the straps on the chest–which is good because my bag is black.

    If you’re looking at the backpack and are thinking you may want to add the lock holster, I would say to just do it. It would definitely be a great thing to have and would’ve been worth the extra cash.

    I’ve gotten plenty of compliments and never miss an opportunity to send people to the website. So I just wanted to say thanks, and I’ll see out on the road.

  2. Jake,

    Thanks for all the kind words!

    I hope you’ve had some time to catch more sun rays than rain drops over the past couple days.

    See ya around town.

    P.S. I just saw some pictures of that brand new baby of yours… too cute!!! Congratulations!

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