A Bicycle Built For Two

January 27, 2008 at 3:42 pm | Posted in bicycle, bikes, portland | 4 Comments
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Guess who’s back in the saddle! While Heather may not be able to ride her bike for the next 6 weeks she will certainly be able to sit on the back of this beauty! Meet the newest addition! Single speed, coaster brake, upright bars equals little to no pressure on the wrist. It did come with a front brake… which doesn’t work at all. The coaster brake is more fun anyways.

Scored this gem on Craigslist this morning. Rode it home (3 1/2-4 miles) while ghost riding the Romulus… it certainly wasn’t the fastest ride I’ve ever been on. I did get quite a few rather funny looks though.

It’s really hard not to be happy while riding this bike. I just want to laugh everytime I get on!


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  1. I tried a similar model some years ago .. I remembered the difficult … 😦

    It was the first and last time 😦

  2. I’m sorry if this post is misleading, I found out afterwards that there is an actual model called “A Bicycle Built For Two”. I always thought it was just a catch phrase. I don’t know if this is that exact model or not.

    …We love it though!

  3. that’s freakin’ rad.

    can’t wait to see you out riding that thing.

    hope her arm heals soon (great sling btw)

  4. Jake,

    Good news! She had a doctor appointment yesterday and he said her arm is healing very quickly. Yeah, I think the sling turned out pretty good… I mean not bad for my first (and hopefully last) one.

    The bike is a blast! I’ll admit, sometimes I take it out by myself. With no weight on the back end you can jam on the coaster brake and skid pretty good. πŸ™‚

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