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Q. How much can I fit inside a Lemolo Backpack?

A. Hmmmm, about this much…

(click picture for more info on items) 

…and with that much inside, this is what your bag will look like. kinda like how you feel after a hearty meal… plump, but not stuffed.

That is the contents of a mostly full backpack, about 80-90% probably. You might be able to fit half again as much if you packed tighter, used all availible pockets and stuffed to the brim.

*Note* – All of those items were inside the main compartment, nothing was in the outside pocket of the backpack.

Q. Can I buy pre-made Lemolo gear or do you only make-to-order?

A. Up until recently most of what I have been doing is custom and made-to-order. I hope to start creating a bit of an inventory soon. For those who need instant gratification check out the For Sale page and don’t forget to check back often, I hope to add more items very soon!

Q. How do I order?

A. Simply shoot me an email and let me know what your interested in, we’ll go from there. lemolobags[at]gmail.com

Q. What if I just have a question but am not ready to order anything?

A. That is just fine to, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

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