Portland, the most bike-friendly city?

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19 year old Tracy Sparling was crushed by a cement mixing truck in the bike lane on Oct. 11, less than two weeks later another cyclist is killed in the bike lane, this time by a man driving a garbage truck. Niether driver was cited by police. This is getting way out of hand Portland!

[UPDATE] – Apparently Lt. Mark Kruger finds the fact that the driver of the garbage truck (Bryan S. Lowes) has had 25 previous convictions for things like speeding, driving without a license, etc. irrelevant to the case and he may still be going to work! Read the condensed version here and the full article here.

Why are the drivers of these vehicles not being cited? That is the question that Portland’s KGW is asking on their blog.

It is so dangerous not to be in a car in Portland that a new campaign was just launched on Monday, read about it here.

There’s no such thing as a “safe bike-lane”. Stay alert out there everyone.



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  1. Excuse me for perhaps being overly sensitive, but if you want to leave a comment over at bikeportland, do it. But I find it offensive that you are using a thread related to the death of a fellow cyclist to drive traffic to your commercial site.


  2. Just so you know, I had no intention on posting a link to my blog in the comments sectiong of BikePortland. It was a “pingback/trackback” notification because I linked the thread from my blog. (This is something i did not know about, and have now changed in my settings.)

    This “commercial website” IS a blog. Lemolo Bags is just one person, me. I work out of my one bedroom apartment that I share with my girlfriend. I have another job (the one that pays the bills). I do not have a lot of extra time to sew bags. I’m not trying to become the next ReLoad or Timbuk2. I’m a cyclist that sews and cares about his community enough to want to share it with others. I’m sorry that you find that so offensive. I can assure you that I am in no way am trying to capitalize on the death of a fellow cyclist here. In fact, just as you suggested I did leave a comment, on KGW’s blog though, not BikePortland. I believe it is the sixth one down if you’d like to read it. There is a link to their blog in my post, feel free to check it out.

    Stay safe out there.


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